Entries by Tony Chan

Newsletter – January 2020

Content SFC reprimands and fines FIL Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited HK $3.5 million for regulatory breaches SFC publicly censures CLSA Limited, CITIC Securities Brokerage (HK) Limited, Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited and their representatives for breaching the Code on Share Buy-backs SFC reprimands and fines RHB Securities Hong Kong Limited HK $6.4 million Court convicts unlicensed […]

Newsletter – December 2019

Content SFC waives licensing fees for 2020/21 SFC issues quarterly report SFC bans W. Falcon Asset Management (Asia) Limited’s former chairman for life and ex-CFO for three years SFC reprimands and fines Adamas Asset Management (HK) Limited $2.5 million   1.     SFC waives licensing fees for 2020/21 On 4 December 2019, the SFC has announced […]

Regulatory News (Feb 2020)

Court dismisses challenge to SFC’s investigative powers SFC reprimands and fines Capital Global Management Limited $1.5 million SFC reprimands and fines BMI Securities Limited $3.7 million and suspends its responsible officer for breaches of anti-money laundering regulatory requirements New speech by Tim Lui at The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries Annual Dinner 2020 Update […]

Regulatory News (Jan 2020)

SFC suspends Shiu Yau Wah for five months SFC to commence proceedings for suspected market manipulation in the shares of China Ding Yi Feng and lifts trading suspension SFC issues restriction notice to a broker to freeze client accounts linked to suspected market manipulation SFC highlights importance of risk management Process Review Panel Report 2018-19 […]

Newsletter – November 2019

Content SFC issues restriction notice to Hong Kong Wan Kiu Investment Company Limited  Former staff of Hong Kong Television Network Limited convicted of insider dealing SFC bans Song Baojun for 12 months Former staff of Hong Kong Television Network Limited jailed for insider dealing SFC obtains court orders against former Chairman and directors of Minth […]

Newsletter – October 2019

Content SFC bans Vincent Ng Lok Kan for 30 months SFC reprimands and fines SEAVI Advent Ocean Private Equity Limited HK$1 million SFC obtains disqualification orders against former chairman and executive directors of Inno-Tech Holdings Limited SFC seeks compensation and disqualification orders against Perfect Optronics Limited’s chairman and board members SFC commences insider dealing prosecution […]

Newsletter – September 2019

Content SFC reprimands and fines HSBC HK$2.1 million for breaching telephone recording requirements SFC bans Jacky Cheung Chiu Hung for two years SFC commences Market Misconduct Tribunal proceedings over alleged insider dealing in Meadville Holdings Limited shares SFC obtains disqualification order against former executive director of Life Healthcare Group Limited SFC bans Ye Feng for […]

Newsletter – August 2019

Content SFC bans Tu Bing for life SFC reprimands and fines Sincere Securities Limited HK$5 million for internal control failings SFC bans Samuel Lee Kwok Tung for eight months Court extends interim injunctions freezing assets of suspected manipulators of GEM stock 1.     SFC bans Tu Bing for life On 5 August 2019, the SFC […]

Newsletter – July 2019

Content SFC bans Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. former responsible officer Tim Leissner for life SFC reprimands and fines Celestial Commodities Limited and Celestial Securities Limited HK$6.3 million for mishandling client money SFC bans Song Peng for 10 months SFC reprimands and fines Glory Sun Securities Limited HK$1.2 million and suspends its current and former responsible […]